Blackrock Seafront Action Group Successful First Meeting

Blackrock Seafront Action Group Successful First Meeting
The Blackrock Seafront Action Group got off to a good start with its inaugural meeting on Thursday 19th October in HeadOffice. A mix of local residents, businesses and political representatives came together to start a discussion on ways the seafront at Blackrock can be improved for the benefit of people living in, working in and visiting Blackrock village. Everyone present was passionate about the need to identify ways to progress the seafront and to work with the
Council to make this happen. Transforming the seafront is seen as a game changer for the village as it would make the most of the unique location of the village on the seafront which we are not doing at present. The seafront presents a great opportunity for creating a place that we can be proud of, notwithstanding the challenges that need to be addressed to achieve change. A number of areas were identified for progressing over the short to medium term which included:
Improved access to Blackrock Park by the DART to link the park, seafront and village
Options for enhancing or transforming the existing car parking/areas in front of the DART station to
Make a public realm space to be enjoyed by all.
Access over the DART line to the seafront
Future of the Blackrock Baths
Many issues will need to be explored and addressed, including:
  • Land ownership
  • Terms and conditions of existing leases
  • Access and transport issues
  • Resident concerns
  • Identifying funding options
The current Blackrock Area Plan is a good starting point for the work of the Group and working in collaboration with the Council will be key to making progress.
It is heartening to see the level of passion for the future of our village among residents, businesses and our local politicians. Over the next few weeks we hope to work together to identify the goals of the Action Group and how these will be pursued over the short to medium term.
If you would like to find out more and get involved in any way, please contact