December 2018 – Updates from the “Village”

Blackrock Shopping Centre
Blackrock Shopping Centre car park is now fully open again so plenty of room for parking to do your Christmas Shopping – upwards of 250 spaces.  The renovations along by the rear entrance to the centre as you enter the village on the slip road now look very smart especially with the area nicely painted.  This serves to give a positive image to anybody entering the village.

Frascati Shopping Centre
Development at the new Frascati Centre in Blackrock is nearly finished.  New brands arriving include a new Aldi Concept Store, and the Food Quarter includes a new McDonalds and Five Guys.  Kay’s Kitchen and Café Nero which will be opening Spring 2019.  An extensive new Health & Beauty Zone, including a new Peter Mark, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Coated along with beauty salon, medical centre and gym are due to open in Spring 2019.
All of the existing Frascati brands including Debenhams, top fashion boutiques and shoe stores are being upgraded onto the new malls.
The multi-storey car-park and new right-hand turn from the city are already a great success providing extensive parent & children and blue-card parking spaces close to Centre access.

Post Office 
Sadly, the Post Office in the Frascati Centre is due to close its doors in January 2019 unless some other establishment is prepared to take over the licence and run the business.  So far, some interest has been shown – but not enough for us to be confident that come February 2019 we will still have a post office in Blackrock.

Good news re Seafront
DLRCC have signed off on upgrading and enhancing the seafront as part of the Blackrock to Seapoint section of the S2S. Funds are available so we would love to see something happening soon. This has been a long time coming but we are confident that the long awaited improvement to the seafront is on the way.   The BBN will formally meet with the Council early in the New Year to discuss a range of matters of local interest and this will be high up the agenda.
If there is any matter of local importance you want to add to the agenda please let us know. We want positive and constructive suggestions only please!

Partnership with Vincennes, Paris
We in the BBN are working hard to develop this very important partnership. The key initial synergies will be in the areas of culture, sport and education.  Now that Brexit looks like a done deal in at least some format, Ireland will be the only EU country with English as mother tongue and we have a great opportunity to use this situation for the benefit of all our citizens both young and old.
The Frascati Singers will travel to Vincennes for Europe Day on 11 May 2019.  On that day a lot of events such as conferences, films, games, food demonstrations, and, of course, concerts will show everybody the diversity of European culture. The Frascati Singers will be a proud part of the mix.
To formalise the partnership with Vincennes we must wait on sign-off from DLRCoCo and we are hopeful this will take place in January 2019.

Leprechaun Festival
The Leprechaun Festival will take place again next year on St Patrick’s Day.   It promises to be a bigger and bolder event and we are planning to run proceedings into the evening so that all in Blackrock can get maximum enjoyment out of the national day.