May 2019 Newsletter

May 2019 Newsletter

Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

After much work and preparation by the Blackrock Business Network (BBN) over the past two years, a Partnership Agreement was finally signed on Thursday 25 April 2019 in County Hall, Dun Laoghaire between the town of Vincennes, Paris and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, in conjunction with Blackrock Business Network.

A great deal of background work has gone into the planning of this event with many communications between the BBN and Vincennes representatives over the past two years.   A team of seven executives from Vincennes, including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor came to Dun Laoghaire and Blackrock for the big occasion.

We see the areas of cooperation being in Education, Sport and Culture initially, to be followed in due course by Tourism and Business.   Most of our efforts to date have been in these areas.

At a special gathering at Blackrock Further Education Institute (BFEI) on Thursday evening, 25 April 2019, there was great engagement between the Vincennes group and a number of stakeholders, including Blackrock RFC, Blackrock College, Kilmacud Crokes,  Royal St George Yacht Club, Frascati Singers, BFEI, and of course the BBN itself.  The French Embassy was also represented and a number of Ward Councillors were in attendance.

The Vincennes group was taken on a tour of Blackrock RFC on the following day where Conor Cleary, Head of Facilities, gave a wonderful one man show on the life and times of Blackrock RFC!   Links with Vincennes RFC are already in the planning and will flow from this meeting.

The Frascati Singers will perform in Vincennes on Europe Day on 11 May 2019.  This will be preceded on 10 May 2019 by a reciprocal formal signing of the Partnership Agreement at  Vincennes Town Hall.  A team of seven will represent DLRCoCo and Blackrock Village.

The Blackrock Business Network is very keen to get schools here to engage with schools in Vincennes.  So far, apart from BFEI, despite our best efforts, it has proved almost impossible to get any interest from local schools.  There have been one or two areas of promise but as yet nothing has materialized, other than some very promising links between BFEI and its equivalent in Vincennes.

We would welcome any assistance any of our readers could give in this area, as there is literally an army of Vincennes students and teachers waiting for some collaboration in the education area. There is a great opportunity here not to be missed!   Any ideas please to