Tell us a bit about you – Brendan J. McLoughlin

Tell us a bit about you – Brendan J. McLoughlin


I am originally from Longford and settled in Blackrock in 1994.  Married with 2 girls who both attended Carysfort NS.  Have been active in the village since I emigrated here(!) and have been on the Parish Council of St. John the Baptist, a member of the local choir, Frascati Singers and treasurer of the choir, as well as Treasurer of the Blackrock Business Network and the Cloister Residents Association

Tell me about your business

I am principal of Brendan J. McLoughlin & Co. a small accountancy practice on Seapoint Avenue.  My premises are where the old Meaney’s Sweet Shop stood for many years and we have been here since 2008.   We provide a full audit, accounting, payroll and tax advice services to individuals, sole traders and small companies.  The firm has one other staff member, Jo O’Connor, who specialises in audit and accounting.

What important lessons have you learned, since starting your business?

In a small practise or indeed any type of small business it’s easy to get professionally isolated.  I’ve learned that it’s important to ‘get out there’ – even if it’s not to generate new clients or new business – to get a sense of what other similar businesses are going through.  Joining professional and/or business networks achieves this.
Taking time out as well is important.  By getting involved in outside activities, like, in my case, Frascati Singers helped me to ‘switch off’ which is important to one’s well being.

Which Businessperson (at home or abroad) do you most admire and why?

Not quite a business person as such but Liam Mulvihill, former Director General of the GAA, would certainly be one of Ireland’s top visionaries.  He retired in 2008 but in his 20 or so year stint at the head of the GAA he transformed the organisation to be what it is today.  He had the vision to take Croke Park from its dank and dangerous state of the 1970’s to being a world class stadium and debt-free to boot.  To say he dragged the GAA into the 21st century would be an understatement. It is only a coincidence that he is from Longford!

Why did you join the BBN?

I wanted to help develop the village into becoming a desirable place to establish a business, be it large or small
I appreciate that a large number paying in a small amount can do wonders when the right people are in place to decide on suitable projects.  We do have this in the BBN. Community is important, and BBN tries to build bridges between local businesses and the wider Blackrock Community.  This is an endeavour I wish to assist in, in whatever way I can.

How to get in touch

Email is  Office is 01-2803005.