St Patrick’s Day Festival

Preparations for the St Patrick’s Day Festival are ongoing with an exciting programme being planned.   Online sign-up for the Leprechaun Chase went live 2 weeks ago and bookings are coming in thick and fast.   The organising committee is working flat out to ensure that the day is a great success.

This year we want to extend the fun further into the day and evening so we will be staging trad sessions both in the afternoon from 2-4pm in Kelly&Coopers Pub and in the evening from 7-9pm in Conway’s.   This will ensure that the national holiday can be an all-day affair with much needed vibrancy and atmosphere brought to the Village throughout the whole day.  So come on down and enjoy the fun!

Again we want to thank BFEI for generously providing space within their building for face-painting, story-telling and a colouring competition.  This will add a very welcome extra dimension to proceedings, so make sure you come on down to the Village after the Leprechaun has been chased! This link will bring you to a video of the 2019 Leprechaun Chase

Meeting with DLR County Council
A deputation of Tom Feeney, Vivienne Bradley and Jim Kenny recently met with Helena Cunningham – Director of Finance and Economic Development , and Owen Laverty – Head of Enterprise at the Local Enterprise Office.  The purpose of the meeting was to explore ways that the two bodies could work better together and also to get the Council to refocus on delivering on projects promised in the Local Area Plan.   Another meeting will take place at the end of March 2019 where senior Council staff will do a walkabout in Blackrock to get a ‘hands-on’ concept of what we are seeking.

Bike Spaces
Further to our meeting with DLRCoCo, the Council are very keen to provide more bike spaces in Blackrock.  We are currently checking out suitable areas where bike parking could be provided.  These extra spaces should be available within a matter of months.

Shop Front Grant
The Shop Front Improvement Scheme is an initiative to improve the overall appearance of shop fronts and commercial properties that front onto public streets within Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.  Business owners of existing independent shops in the County are eligible to apply for assistance.  The Council will cover up to 50% of the shop front cost with a maximum allowable grant of €3,000 per applicant.  This is a very attractive offer and the Council are very keen to support any shop owner willing to avail of the grant.

Rates’ Support Grant
The Council has always been sensitive to the difficult environment in which businesses operate. To alleviate some of the pressure in 2017 a new business support scheme for eligible ratepayers was introduced as part of the 2017 budgetary process and approved by Members at their Meeting held in March 2018.

For 2019 the Council has expanded and enhanced the scheme providing for graduated grant payments dependent on the level of rates payable with the grant varying from 10% to 4% of the 2017 rates bill. The amount of the 2019 grant payable to qualifying ratepayers will be calculated as follows:

Rates Payable 2017                          2019 Grant                 Maximum Grant
Less than or Equal To €3,000 ……. 10% of Rates Bill ………………  €300
Between €3,001- €5,000 …………….. 8% of Rates Bill ……………….. €400
Between €5,001 – €10,000 ………….. 6% of Rates Bill ……………….  €600
Between €10,001 – €20,000 ………..  4% of Rates Bill ……………..   €800

AEDs (Defibrillators) for the Village
We have drawn up a list of available AEDs in Blackrock Village – where there is a physical AED and trained personnel to operate each one.   With the help of a DLRCoCo grant we are purchasing one extra device and siting it in Centra (Jim Kenny’s).  If any other business has an AED and trained personnel please let us know and we will add it to the list.


Location of existing AEDs
SupervaluTrained Personnel on site
Frascati Centre4 Trained Personnel
Zurich:  Zurich House Reception
Frascati House Reception
Temple House, 3rd Floor
15 First Aiders cover these three buildings and all are trained in the use of the Unit
Blackrock DentalAll staff trained
BFEITrained personnel on site
Lloyds PharmacyTrained personnel on site

Local Enterprise Week 2019 

It’s Local Enterprise Week from Monday 4 March 2019 to Friday 8 March 2019.  Local Enterprise Offices are organising hundreds of events for start-ups and small businesses all over the country.  DLRCoCo have a whole series of seminars and workshops planned for the week.
To book your place, click on the link below: