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The Blackrock Business Association

The Blackrock Business Association is a non-profit, voluntary body representing the interests of businesses in Blackrock village and the surrounding area.

Current Board: Chairman Tom Feeney; Secretary Vivienne Bradley; Treasurer Brendan McLoughlin;  Elected Members: Jim Kenny, Nicki Cloonan, Jane Carroll, Des Powell, Neil Kilgallon.

Co-opted Board Members: Nicola Fox, Martha Fanning, Michelle O’Reilly.

BBA’s mission is to maintain, develop and promote Blackrock village as a centre of excellence in which to start, sustain and grow your business.

History of Blackrock

Blackrock, some hundreds of years ago, was variously called Newtown at-the-Black Rock, Newtown on the Strand by the Black Rock, Newtown Castle Byrne, or simply Newtown, so that “Blackrock” is simply an abbreviation of one of its ancient titles.

Discover What Our Village Has To Offer

Food & Drink

New restaurants are regularly springing up in Blackrock, making the Village a ‘go to’ destination for a night out.


Along with the numerous shops in Blackrock are a selection of the finest services on offer also.


With a wide range of goods to offer, Blackrock Village boasts many specialised shops which can help to guide you in your specific hobby or task.


The village has a strong sense of community as well as being a vibrant hub for businesses. Check out the variety of community groups.


Follow the link below to catch up on all of the latest news from Blackrock Village.

Village Scenes

Come Visit Us
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