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Blackrock Park - exciting progress!

Blackrock Park

There is a lot of exciting progress in the upgrading of Blackrock Park…. and more to come!

Historic Steps Restoration

These works include the complete restoration of the historic steps. This set of steps connects the kiosk at the top of the hill with the bandstand and main Park area at the bottom. The steps are a key feature of the Park.  As well as a circulation route, they offer a great vantage point over the bandstand and Dublin Bay. The existing steps were made up of a mix of old granite kerbs and precast concrete. All old granite kerbs are to be retained for use elsewhere in the park. The new works include the installation of new, high quality, solid, cut granite treads, plinth details and paving.  These works are just coming to a finish with the handrail to be installed in the coming weeks.

Blackrock Park Benches

Seating & Planting

New seats have recently been installed throughout the entire park at suitable locations. These are high quality benches fitted with backrests and armrests with space left for wheelchairs or buggies. Extensive tree, hedge, bulb and herbaceous planting has been undertaken at Phoenix Terrace to strengthen the sense of arrival to the park and to integrate some recent interventions into the setting.

Blackrock Park

Historic Kiosk

Works to restore and conserve the Historic Kiosk at the upper level of the park are to commence in the coming weeks. The works include the careful restoration and conservation of the historic elements but with development as Park Tearooms with an external terrace and extensive seating.  It is hoped that works will be complete by Q2 2025.

Promoting Cultural Integration & Inclusion in the Community Seminar

Sandra King, Cathaoirleach Denis O’Callaghan, Garda Sudita Zalli, Tom Feeney, and Claire McGing who were part of the presentations

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (Dlr) County Council hosted the annual Dlr Festival of Inclusion from 15 May – 26 May 2024 to highlight and celebrate social inclusion initiatives and to support and encourage all to actively participate and engage in the community.

A seminar entitled ‘Promoting Cultural Integration & Inclusion in the Community’ was held on 15 May 2024 in County Hall and was an insightful and participative seminar which discussed the current picture of Migrant Communities, the Traveller Community, International Protection Applicants (IPAs) and the Ukrainian Community integrating in Dlr.  This seminar aimed to provide context, an overview of lived experience and an insight into policy development and good practice locally and nationally on ‘Promoting Cultural Integration & Inclusion in the Community’.  One of the topics covered was the successful hosting of nearly 300 IPAs in Blackrock.

Cruise Ships in Dun Laoghaire
Opportunities for Blackrock!

Dún Laoghaire Harbour will be welcoming a host of cruise ships to the harbour this year having started in April and running up to October.  The ships bring visitors from all over the world to visit Dublin and experience all that Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown and surrounding areas have to offer.

In 2023, 77 ships came to Dun Laoghaire with 148,786 passengers and 66,463 crew.  This is a total of 215,249 persons visiting Dun Laoghaire and surrounding towns.  Similar numbers are expected this year.

Cruise passengers are becoming less enamoured with pre-paid tours on offer at various ports and are looking for less commercial opportunities to explore the areas round the ports at which they dock.  Dlr Tourism is working hard to find such opportunities and to advertise them to cruise passengers when they land.  Towns and villages like Blackrock are within easy reach of Dlr Harbour and there surely is a great opportunity here to tap into the spend of over 200,000 people looking to be fed, watered and entertained for half a day.   If you feel your business has something attractive to offer, please get in touch with Dlr Tourism.   The contact is Louise Robinson at

Update on Blackrock Hall 1&2

There are now 297 persons in total in both Blackrock Hall 2 and 3.  There are 60 families, 153 children under 18, and 16 Aged-out Minors.  Overall things are good. A foróige group has been set up in-house.  Southside Partnership have been and continue to be very supportive.  Local people have been so generous with donations. The children are all in school, and now also in sports’ clubs such as Granada FC.  The families are very proactive and genuinely want to give back to the locality that continues to be so good to them.

If there are any local groups that want or need volunteers, families would be willing to assist.

Explorium hosts Dlr Tourism and Marketing Strategy 2024 - 2028

Aidan Blighe, Minister Catherine Martin, Cathaoirleach Denis O’Callaghan and Frank Curran


Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council announced the launch of their new, ambitious Tourism Strategy aimed at transforming the County into a top tourist destination by 2028. The vision is for Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown to be known as a connected and immersive destination, offering enriching and unique experiences along the coast, in the Dublin Mountains, and in the attractive villages and friendly towns.

With its good transport network and infrastructure including the Coastal Mobility Route, which is recognised as one of the best performing routes in the Dublin region, and further development of Greenways, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County is well-positioned to become a top tourist destination in Ireland.  The County offers a wide range of natural and built attractions, including eight major parks, Dún Laoghaire harbour, the magnificent stretch of coastline which includes Blackrock, and local swimming areas such as Seapoint, 40foot and Killiney Beach.

The venue for the launch was the magnificent revamped Explorium!

Based in Sandyford, Explorium is the home of Ireland’s National Sports and Science Centre, featuring sports, science, technology and adventure.  The Science Centre has interactive exhibits, a Junior Explorium, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Conquer your Fears, Urban Climb and a new Sensory Room.

Blackrock Further Education Institute

Applications open for September 2024

As the academic year draws to a close, Blackrock Further Education Institute (BFEI) would like to advise that applications are now open for September 2024.

Apply online for free!

Open Day –   28 August 2024 1pm-4pm.

Photograph shows members of the BBA Board holding up mugs designed by some of the BFEI Graphic Design students on the theme of Blackrock Village.

What do you know about Blackrock?

 Main Street, Blackrock. 1880. National Library of Ireland, L_ROY_08994

Much of our heritage is hidden in plain sight and in pages of local history journals. Did you realise the Cross of Blackrock demarcated the jurisdiction of the Lord Mayor of Dublin from medieval times? Did you know the Byrne’s early modern castle lies at the corner of Newtown Ave and Seapoint Ave?  Did you know that the Tailteann Games took place in Blackrock Baths? Or that we have one the oldest train stations in the country? Or how the train line completely altered the coastline and created Blackrock Park? Did you know Blackrock has been home to artists, philanthropists, suffragettes, trade unionists, politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, sports persons who all shaped Ireland as we know it today?

With so many positive changes happening in Blackrock, perhaps it is time to remember, recognise and understand what has happened to shape the town. Simple things like information boards can give context to places and sites.  QR codes that allow self-guided walking tours or a blue plaque system where notable Blackrock residents are remembered, could be initiated.  Interesting times ahead!

Blackrock Credit Union

Blackrock Credit Union was founded in1970 and is based in the heart of the Blackrock community at 1 Carysfort Avenue. It is a not for profit community financial co-operative owned by its members.  Manager Ken Gleeson and his team are keen to raise the profile of the credit union concept in Blackrock.

Blackrock Credit Union (BCU) offers loans and savings accounts to members living, working or studying in its common bond area around Blackrock.  They loan money to enable you to do such things as improving your home or garden, buying a new car, planning a holiday.  BCU has substantial funds available to lend to their members at present with loans of up to €120,000 possible, subject to their terms and conditions. They provide loans to their members based on their ability to repay and not how much savings they have or how long they have been a member.

How does a Credit Union work?

Members save with their credit union and create a communal pool of money available to be used for providing loans to other members. Interest charged on loans to members generates an income for the credit union. Any additional savings not lent out to members can be invested to return a further income to the credit union. From this income, the credit union pays any operational expenses. Any remaining income is referred to as the credit union surplus and funds the dividend paid on members’ shares and/or is directed to improved or additional services for members.


Mobile App is available for both Apple and Android

Granada FC trip to Vincennes 2024

Sporting links between Blackrock and Vincennes, our twin town in Paris, continued to progress in May, with the latest visit of young players from Granada F.C. to Club Olympique Vincennes for the now annual boys’ football tournament.

It was a very successful weekend for the players from the club’s Under 11s and Under 12s boys teams, their parents and local officials on both sides. The weekend included some wonderful football matches, sight-seeing and cultural exchange, as well as a Civic Reception to mark the occasion, hosted by the Mayor of Vincennes, Charlotte Libert-Albanel.   Also in attendance was Senator Barry Ward and Owen Feeney, Ireland’s Deputy Ambassador to France.

“These football tournaments and all that goes with them are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our young players.  We at Granada F.C. are thrilled to see players from our boys and girls teams blossom in the way that they have over the past number of years”, says Paddy Cranfield, Commercial and Operations Director at Blackrock’s football club.

Tidy Towns need your help!

Darina Murray and Clifford Mgbams doing a clean up in Bath Place

Blackrock Tidy Towns have recently submitted their application for the annual Tidy Towns competition.  Now that we are in the judging period, help is needed to ensure that Blackrock is looking its best when the serious business of points allocation takes place!

Unfortunately Alan the DLRCoCo employee who looks after Blackrock Village is not available for the foreseeable future due to illness.  Also one of the regular Tidy Towns volunteers who did a regular clean up each week recently broke his leg.

So, can you help fill the void?!  If so, please contact Michelle at  SuperValu are sponsoring the tools to be used by Tidy Towns.

Michelle O’Reilly and Darina Murray hard at work!


Wheelie bins and recycling bags have recently been permanently placed out on Rockhill beside the large planters.  Clearly they are very unsightly and are attracting negative attention by passers by.  Tidy Towns judging begins at this time of year so it would be great if the owners of the bins could store them somewhere and only put them on the street on collection days.

BBN Noticeboard

Export Development Programme

Begins 17 June 2024

Are you ready to expand your business and reach new markets?
This Export Development Programme can help you achieve that and more!

This upcoming Export Development Programme is designed specifically for small business owners like you who are looking to take their business to new markets and reach international audiences.

You will gain access to expert guidance and resources that will help you navigate the complex world of global trade and expand your business globally. In addition to this, you’ll also receive 4 individual 1-1consultancy sessions with our experts.

Whether you’re just getting started with exporting or looking to increase your exports, our programme is designed to meet your needs.

Modules Include

  • Introduction to Export, Value Proposition and Customer Profiling
  • How to Sell Internationally using Online Channels
  • Planning for Export (Resources, Finances and Value Chains)
  • Bridging the Gap with New Cultures
  • Dynamic Lead Generation & Sales Innovations
  • Developing your Export Plan

Grow your business, expand your reach, and thrive in the global market with our Export Development Programme!

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Energy Efficiency Grant

Have you completed Green for Business or the SEAI Audit?

You may be eligible for a grant of up to €5,000 to support the investment in technologies and equipment identified in your consultant report.

Eligible Costs:

Meters (electricity, gas, diesel, oil, water, steam & loggers) and installation costs

Smart energy controls e.g., heating, cooling, lighting, automatic on/off systems, parasitic load controls

Upgrade lighting to LED (only as part of a package of eligible cost measures)

Replacement/upgrade with more energy efficient system, e.g. Heat Pumps (including air, water, and ground source) for manufacturing heating processes

Heat recovery

Small wind & hydro subject to feasibility assessment

Equipment (>10 years) replacement/upgrade such as refrigeration unit, electric steam boiler, electric oven, industrial dishwasher, engineering equipment

System components upgrades such as variable speed drives, pumps, fans, condensers, extraction systems, cold room door.

Find out more and apply now.