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Soon it will just be “memory lane”  for those who love browsing and buying in Carraig Books. It was originally founded by Alfred Day, in 1968. He previously founded Harcourt Books in 1953, and subsequently Museum Bookshop in 1962. The premises where Carraig Books is now located (until imminent closure) was once The Miranda Tea Rooms.

In its heyday, Carraig Books regularly listed new book arrivals with a catalogue. Three hundred catalogues were issued over the years, posted worldwide. With the onset of online book buying, Carraig Books joined the best known used book site.

Chapbook Reprints was a lesser-know publishing aspect of Carraig Books. Their best seller amongst the 15 chapbook reprints was McCready’s Dublin Street Names. There was also the original publishing of The Book of Blackrock by Liam McColl (long out-of-print).

It is planned that Carraig Books will maintain an online presence, when the shop finally closes it’s doors, in coming months. They are currently running a successful half-price sale. Many come, from near and far, to browse, to buy and to experience the unique atmosphere of this esteemed bookshop. Sean Day has played an important part of many book-lovers lives, for the past forty six years.
To celebrate all that Carraig Books represents, Louis Hemmings, local poet

collaborated with Dora Kazmierak, local photographer. A fold-out leaflet celebrating Carraig Books was published and is now available online.

Carraig Books: a fare-thee-well

Carraig Books gallery of photos by Dora Kazmierak is available here:

Note: At the rear of Carraig Books is the well-known Blackrock Printers, also founded by Alfred Day. It serves many businesses in the local community. This is run by Lena, David & Philip Keegan. Many are asking will Blackrock Printers continue in business? The answer is YES – in a nearby location, once the Sale Agreed is finalised.

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